Our Clergy


RectorThe Reverend Pierre-Henry Buisson


Born and raised in a France, Father Pierre-Henry was ordained a Roman Catholic priest by his bishop Jacques David, in the St Pierre Cathedral of Saintes, on April 29, 1990. Before he was ordained he served six years in the French Army, as a sergeant, and attended the Seminaries of Poitiers, and Bordeaux. After his ordination, Father Pierre-Henry was sent to the parish of Mirambeau, France, as associate rector. He knew the parish very well since it was his Field Ed. parish for 3 years, he was especially in charge of youth and children ministries. After serving the parish of St Genis de Saintonge, in the same area, he became the Rector of Archiac.  On September of 1996 he resigned his position of rector and asked Sophie for her hand in marriage.

He became an employee of an energy company, Gaz de Bordeaux, where he served in various positions, from working to the mail office, to being a customer agent, and a purchasing agent.  He could not hide his past, and even if he did not belong to any church at that time, he was a kind of ‘bi-vocational’ priest to whom people could confide and ask questions.

He discovered the Episcopal Church, and the Anglican Communion in April 2000 after the birth of his second child, Pauline. In 2001 he was received in the Episcopal Church by Bishop Jeffrey Rowthorn, and started with his wife the French Speaking Mission Saint Martin, in Bordeaux.

In January 2003, he was received as a priest by Bishop Pierre Whalon, and in March 2003, when his 3rd child Clement was baptized, he officially became the Priest-in-Charge of the Mission St Martin.

In 2008 Pierre-Henry, Sophie, Raphael, Pauline and Clement moved to Alexandria, Virginia. Pierre-Henry studied at Virginia and received his Master of Theological Studies in May 2010. After graduation, Pierre-Henry accepted the call to be the Assistant Rector of St Martin’s in the Field, in Severna Park, MD. He was also the Chaplain of St Martin’s Episcopal School where he had the joy to teach and celebrate weekly chapel services.


Assisting Priests

The Assisting Priests are a group of retired and experienced priests who bless St. Luke’s by sharing generously their time and talents. All of them assist with leading worship, occasionally preach, and offer significant pastoral ministries according to their passions.

The Rev. Jack Wolter

Among many things, Father Jack teaches our Enquirer Class twice a year, and works closely with the membership commission, using his administrative skills to maintain an accurate membership database. Father Jack is at the office on Thursday mornings.



The Rev. Bob Wills

Father Bob Wills, M. Div., MSW has worked professionally in parish positions since his ordination to the priesthood in 1968.  In 1972 he graduated with an MSW from Wayne State University, Detroit, and worked for 20 years in a research and training mental health hospital in Detroit.  He became an adjunct professor of clinical studies in both the School of Social Work and the Medical School at Wayne State.  In 1992 he established a private clinical practice specializing in marriage and family therapy.  He retired from his professional practices in 2007 and moved to Prescott.  At St. Luke’s he volunteers (no fee) as a counselor and therapist for people with problems related to management of life and relationship issues.  He also conducts a popular discussion group; open to anyone, in progressive Christian studies, 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., Wednesday evenings.  Father Bob is known as a knowledgeable and effective teacher and discussion leader.

The Rev. Richard Lassiter

Father Richard serves as the chair and facilitator of St Luke’s Men’s Group, and celebrates the Eucharist on a monthly basis at a Retirement Home.



Deacons belong to one of three historic orders of ordained ministry—Bishops, Priests, and Deacons. In the Diocese of Arizona, Deacons serve in a parish setting by mutual agreement of the Bishop, the Rector, and the Deacon. All of them assist with leading worship, occasionally preach, and offer significant pastoral ministry. In addition, each is required to have a ministry that helps to make connections between the members of the parish and the community in which we live. The Deacons serve without financial compensation.
The Reverend Kimball Arnold


The Rev. Kimball Arnold


Deacon Kimball attended Northern Arizona University. She has served a number of volunteer organizations in various capacities. She responded to God’s call to become a Deacon when she was at St Luke’s, and was ordained in 2000. She is certified by the American Academy of Bereavement. Deacon Kimball is the clergy liaison for Outreach.


Christine Christy


Deacon Chris is a retired certified nurse. She was ordained a deacon in June 2016. Deacon Chris is the clergy liaison for Pastoral Care.