St Luke'sSt. Luke’s Episcopal Church had the distinction of having worshipped at one of the oldest church building in Prescott, which is located at 114 South Marina Street.  The first service was held on Palm Sunday of 1892.  Because of the growth of St Luke’s a larger building was much needed. A new church was build on a 10 acres piece of land near the airport, located at 2000 Shepherds Lane. The new church was dedicated on Palm Sunday of 2000, and is the current home of the congregation.

“It had snowed heavily in Prescott from April 1 through April 5, but Sunday April 10, 1892, dawned clear and bright. A large sigh of relief must have issued from the small band of Episcopalians who had worked and planned and prayed for nearly two years for the event that would happen that day. It was Sunday Last Before Easter in the 1789 Book of Common Prayer. (We know it now as Palm Sunday.) And on this day the first services would be held in the new church at the northwest corner of Marina and Union Streets in Prescott.

Episcopal worship services were not new to this frontier town. They began as early as 1875 at Fort Whipple, conducted by the Army chaplain at the installation…” (extracts of A Brief History of St Luke’s Episcopal Church, published by St Luke’s in 1992)