Our Vestry

The Vestry is the governing body of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. The term vestry originated in Great Britain and referred to the room next to the nave of the church where the sacred vessels and vestments were kept. Those conducting parish business met in this room and came to be known as the vestry. Lay leaders are elected to three-year terms at the church’s annual meeting each January.

The canon law of the Church charges the Vestry with the following responsibilities:

  • promoting the spiritual welfare of the parish with the Rector;
  • aiding the Rector in the institution, conduct, and development of the programs of the Church both within and outside of the Parish;
  • acting as agent and legal representative in all matters concerning property: maintain the buildings and furnishings, maintain other property (facilities, parking lot, grounds, etc.), and providing adequate insurance;
  • taking responsibility for the finances of the parish, raising money, prompt payment of salaries and bills, prudent care of trust funds, endowments and bequests, sale and transfer of securities and other assets, maintain records, annual report, budget (approve expenditures and recommend and approve salaries);
  • recruiting, encouraging, training, and guiding candidates for Holy Orders;
  • representing the parish in its relations with the Rector;
  • serving as a “Council of Advice” for the Rector when requested; and
  • electing a Rector if there is a vacancy.​
Senior Warden
Beth Shaw, Senior Warden
Don McKellar, Junior Warden
Joy Ramsey-Smith, Treasurer
Mary Berkheiser, Liaison for Membership
Steven Dear, Liaison for Christian Formation
Ed Hume, Liaison for Fellowship
Liz Kennedy, Liaison for Communication
Lloyd Needham, Liaison for Worship
Earl Poole, Liaison for Building and Grounds
Rosaleen Runnalls, Liaison for Stewardship
Sharon Tootle, Liaison for Communications