Youth Ministry

Sunday School:

Every Sunday at 9:45 am.

This is the area of our Ministry where our teenage and younger members learn to deepen their faith. We have many different, engaging activities and resources on which we draw, including “Teen Sunday School Place”; “Youth Ministry 360” and “ The Source.”  Don’t get the idea that we just sit and listen to a lecture for hours at a time! Our activities invite you to be you; we love participation, interaction and spontaneity. Our learning experience is a mixture of discussions, videos and games.


Food, Fun and Fellowship: 

The last Friday of each month, our young members meet just to have a fun evening together! We play video games, watch movies, and work on craft activities.  Join us!

TAG (Teen Artist’s Gathering): 

A place for Teen Artists to converse and collab!  It’s all free, and it’s all good.  Feel free to bring your own artwork tools, favorite books, zines, or anything else that inspires you!  Meet at The Launchpad, 302 Grove Avenue, Prescott, AZ. starting August 24th and every third Friday after.

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Volunteering opportunities:

Our young people do not miss an opportunity to pitch in and help! It’s not all about us… and yet, in a very important way, it is! We serve dinner during our family events; we take an active part in Church community events… we are an important part of our Church and we know it… and we show it!

Youth Day of Retreat at the Grand Canyon – November 10, 2018:

This is a wonderful opportunity for our youth to take a break from their busy schedules.  It will be a time for self-reflection, and a time to discover or re-discover an authentic connection to their souls and to God.  The plan is to enjoy the view, take a hike, reflect, and celebrate communion in one of God’s most spectacular creations.  Parents are welcome to join.

Youth Retreat at Chapel Rock (attendance required for Mission Trip): March 8-10, 2019

This is a 3-day event that includes Bible study and self-reflection, fellowship and fun.  Attendance is required for those who will be joining the Mission Trip.

Mission trip:

The 2018 mission trip to El Paso, Texas was a huge success. Check out the photos below!

Stay tuned for more information about the 2019 Mission Trip – in SAN DIEGO, June 15th – June 22nd!!

Casa Grande 9 St. Xavier 2