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Roger Peacock

I was born in Ohio and came to Arizona as a sixth grader.  After High School I graduated from Grand Canyon College with a degree in Education.   I met my wife; Jane, during my senior year and we decided to get married. She introduced me to the Episcopal Church where we were married in Phoenix in 1971. I joined Valley National Bank and worked in communities all over the state in installment lending, dealer finance and as a branch manager.  I changed careers in the early 1990’s.  I became a teacher for the Winslow Unified School District.  I taught all subjects in the classroom and also received my Masters Degree in Ed. Leadership.   We both taught elementary school in Winslow the last 18 years of our working careers.  We decided to retire in 2010 and return to Prescott.  What a wonderful congregation and church family we’ve found and we wanted to be a part of it.  We have been involved in the 5:30 service most of the time since being here.  I have been in the men’s club and worked on work days and various dinners, as well as landscaping projects.  I served on the search committee for the current rector.  I believe that the Church is in a period of change and the Vestry is the guiding channel of the parish.  I would appreciate your vote for a Vestry position.

Ronald M. Weiss

I grew up in Western New York in Kenmore a suburb of Buffalo, where I attended Kenmore Presbyterian Church, and baptized as an infant at the Lafayette Presbyterian Church.  I met my late wife, Brenda, in January 1970 at a Junior College and we were married in September 1970 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Lewiston, New York.  After graduating from the University of Buffalo with a degree in Criminology in 1971, I started working for the Federal Government as a Special Agent for the Internal Security Division for the Treasury Department.  At the same time, Brenda and I accepted a position as foster parents for six boys, who all had special issues that we helped minimize by being active participants in our/their lives.

In 1974, I accepted a position as a Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service (USSS) and served in the offices of: New York City; Melville, NY; Buffalo, NY; President Reagan Detail in WDC & Los Angeles, Ca; Las Vegas, Nv; back to Los Angeles, Ca; Riverside, Ca; and Houston, Tx.  During my time in USSS I held various supervisory positions and took multiple management courses under the Senior Executive Service program, to include the Treasury Executive Institute and John Hopkins University. In 2004 I retired from the USSS after 30 years and took a similar position with Homeland Security at McCarren Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In late 2011, I retired from Government Service with 40 years of Service. At that time, I owned a home in Paulden, Arizona that consisted of 10 acres of horse property and I had two horses. In July 2012, Brenda suffered a fall from her horse that caused her to have traumatic brain damage, and three compression fractures.  I was her caretaker for four years at which time she was placed in Alta Vista Assisted Living.  In September 2018 she passed away due to complications of her injuries and I knew she wanted a memorial service in an Episcopal Church.  Arrangements were made with Mother Denise Muller at St. Luke’s and she presided over the service. I decided that I wanted to continue at St. Luke’s on a regular basis and after a period attended classes given by Father Jack Wolton for confirmation along with the blessing of the Bishop.

Presently I am a part of the Safety, Security and Preparedness Committee and serve in that capacity each Sunday as well as Special Events at St. Luke’s. I have also attended a few Vestry meetings to provide information about our Committee goals that we have completed and are projecting.

I feel that my experience, training and education would be an asset to the Vestry and request your support and an opportunity to serve you.

Nancy Reynolds

I have lived in Prescott and been a member of St. Luke’s since 2005.  I am a lifelong Episcopalian.

I have been married almost 45 years and have two grown children.  One in southern California and one in west Michigan.  Each have one son.

My education is a BA in Early Childhood Education and a certificate in Gerontology.  I have been a director several Early Childhood Education centers. Have directed Church related with typical developing children and State Schools with Special needs children.  I ended my career as a Program Manager for People Who Care in in Prescott. I have been retired since February of this year.

I have hobbies of sewing, knitting and weaving.  I enjoy them all, weaving is the newest; I have learned that here in Prescott. I also enjoy walking on the wonderful trails in Prescott.

In my lifetime I have attended three different Episcopal churches. I have been on the Altar Guild at each church.   I have been on the Vestry before.  I know it is a great reason ability.   I have asked to join the Vestry for a one-year term to make sure I am a fit to this one.

Paul Nelson

As we can all readily see, the Quad-city area is growing! We are blessed to have an increasing number of people wanting to become part of our worshiping community. The Vestry plays a critical role in managing the growth that St. Luke’s is experiencing. In the next few years, many critical decisions will need to be made as we meet these challenging opportunities.

An unusually large number of Vestry positions will be filled at our Annual Parish Meeting in January. My candidacy makes available a choice of someone who has a long history of service, with seven years of Vestry membership in three parishes, including three years as Senior Warden at St. Luke’s and 1-1/2 years in another parish. I also have served as a diocesan convention delegate in three different dioceses, and as a parish treasurer.

I believe in:

  • transparency in all parish operations, programs & ministries
  • clear and timely communications in all aspects of our mission
  • quality planning for short- and long-term parish needs
  • effective & efficient administration of all operations, programs, and ministries
  • appropriate & adequate compensation for our parish clergy and lay staff
  • the proclamation of the Gospel as a guiding light and example of God’s love to the children, youth, and adults of the communities we serve

If you believe I could effectively serve you as a member of the Vestry, I would appreciate your support.

Lloyd Needham

Background for Vestry service:

My background is primarily in Military (USMC) for just over 4 years, & Law Enforcement (California Highway Patrol) 34 plus years.

I have worked road enforcement in California using patrol units, riding an enforcement motorcycle and ending my career flying a CHP aircraft.

I have been part of some large task forces in the San Diego area, that planned large media events

*     1982 Olympics in LA

*     The football Super Bowl when it was held in San Diego.

*     Worked with various US government agencies such as US Secret Service and FBI along with local allied law enforcement agencies in the area when government officials visited San Diego.

The task force concept was developed to share information and ideas for situations and/or problems that involved the whole law enforcement community.

I was an investigator for the CHP. I investigated the backgrounds of prospective officers as part of their hiring process. Other investigative duties included numerous types of felonies, fatal traffic accidents and other crimes that required close work with both local and other enforcement agencies from various agencies and states.

I have a commercial, instrument and multi engine pilots license. The last 8 years of my career I flew and was a crew member on the CHP aircraft based out of Paso Robles, CA.

I retired in 1998.

I have been a member of numerous churches and denominations. Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian and now Episcopal at St. Luke’s. I moved here and bought a home in Prescott Valley in 2016. I moved from Paso Robles, CA. I wanted to keep singing so shortly after I arrived, I contacted the Prescott Chorale web site. I auditioned for the Chorale and met Dennis and Kay Houser. After a few months of singing with the Chorale, Dennis invited me to St Luke’s as he “could use a bass 2” in the choir. I have been here ever since. I took Father Jack’s class and joined the church.

Currently, I am serving on the Vestry board and have for this past year. I am honored to be asked to consider serving for another term.

Respectfully,  Lloyd Needham

Larry Griffin 

I was born in the San Francisco Bay Area and spent most of my life in Northern California.  My family belonged to the Assembly of God Church which I attended into my teens. While attending junior college at DVC, I was recruited by IBM and spent 45 years in the High Tech service industry.  I was a multi service award winner throughout my career.  In 1971 I joined the Navy where I served in the Active Reserves through the remainder of the Vietnam War.  I was stationed at the Alameda Naval Air Station in Attack Squadron VA-303 and worked on A-7 aircraft.  In 2016 I retired to Prescott with my wife of 31 years, Eileen and our two cats. After careful research, Eileen and I found St. Luke’s Church.  We started attending in June of 2016 and felt that it was the perfect fit in our Christian and spiritual lives.  I was joyfully Baptized on November 6, 2016. Since becoming a part of St. Luke’s,  I have served as a Verger, Verger Co-ordinator, Usher, and Greeter.  I volunteer for various Outreach programs including Don’t Spend Christmas Alone, Granite Creek Hunger Potluck, Prescott Food Cupboard and Operation Deep Freeze. My interests include motorcycling, RVing, fishing and shooting.  I am a current member of the Prescott Trap and Skeet Club.  I would consider it a pleasure and an honor to serve as a member of the St. Luke’s Vestry and hope that you will consider me for the position.