Scholarship Winners 2018

St. Luke’s awarded Scholarships Awarded to Four Students. We wish all of them well on their college journeys.  They were recognized at the 10:00 service on Sunday, May 6, 2018.
Congratulations to:
Brennen Gallus of Prescott High School, 
Caely Maldarella of Tri-City College Prep High School, 
Sarah Nisse of Bradshaw Mountain High School, and 
Kateri Wrublik of Arizona Agribusiness & Equine Center
The Outreach Commission’s Educational Scholarship Committee reviewed twenty
applications and selected four finalists, who were interviewed on Saturday, April 28. Although
the plan was to award two scholarships, the generosity of two donors made it possible to make
awards to all four finalists.
The award of these scholarships would not have been possible without the hard work of
sixteen generous St. Lukes parishioners. A big thank you also goes out to the application readers:
Barb Lake, Paul Nelson, and Zibbie Wolter; the essay readers: Susan Bray Anderson, Julie Cargill, Claire Clark, Marilyn Henry, Carolyn Jones, Sandra McBride, Bill and Joan Preston, and Lolly Skinner; and the interviewers: Muriel deGanahl, Beth Shaw, and Trampus Tribbey. And of
course, last but by no means least, thank you to Beth Parknowitz for all of her help from the
beginning to the end.
Before we know it, scholarship season will be upon us again. If you have any interest in
participating in the selection process or would just like to know more about it, please feel free
to contact Mary Berkheiser at