VBS 2018

Vacation Bible School was a huge success!!!
Written by: Sophie Buisson
I planned on having a maximum of 50 children never thinking we would reach this number and we actually registered 49!  The average was 43 kids every day!
Between teachers, shopkeepers, games, technology and snacks, 32 people ran VBS: it really takes a village.The children came from the quad-cities area and from Phoenix for those whose parents were counselors at Chapel Rock. The children played outside games, painted a sheet wall, made crafts and learned about Daniel’s faith in the one true God. Every day adults and kids experienced the power of prayer during our celebration time and were taught how to look for God sightings in their every day life. This year we also had the chance to offer a special program for the ‘Little Ones”(3-5 years old) which was directed by Diane Reddy and her team.
VBS is a wonderful spiritual adventure for everyone involved. Adults and kids get to know each other through the different activities, and special bonds are created. The children make new friends but are also thrilled to meet again the ones that they only get to see at St Luke’s every year. Parents are happy to see their children  well cared for and having fun.  Some families said they were interested in joining St Luke’s. Seeds have been planted, now God is in charge in making them grow.
St Luke’s is really blessed to have such committed volunteers willing to offer their time and talent to the Children and Youth Ministry, I am humbled to be able to work with these amazing people.