Weekday Services


  • Wednesday 10:00 am Holy Eucharist, with Healing, in Crowell Chapel

    This is a quiet and spoken service, with one hymn most of the time. This service has a homily (short sermon). During this service a healing prayer is offered, with anointing and laying on the hands. There is communion each week, the service is usually about 40 to 50 minutes long.

  • Thursday 9:00 am Morning Prayer, in Crowell Chapel

    This is a quiet and spoken service following the Order of Service from the Book of Common Prayer. On occasion other sources may be used. The Staff pray this office with regularity, presenting to the Lord the needs of St Luke’s families. There is no communion.

  • Second Friday of the month, 6:00 pm Taize Evening Prayer, in Crown Chapel

    Taize Evening Prayer is celebrated one Friday evening a month at St. Luke’s. The worship tradition represented by this service began many years ago in the ecumenical French monastic community called Taizé. It is a quiet service of meditation, reflection, readings, and music. The experience finds its true meaning in the active participation of all assembled by focusing and deepening our faith through the power of prayer. We can worship God with all of our senses. Everyone is encouraged to participate as the Spirit moves them, whether that be in song, prayer, or quiet meditation. This quietness may not happen at once, but manifests gradually during the liturgy. There is repetition, many periods of silence, and the readings are shared more slowly—all so that we may have a deep quiet grow in our hearts. We may then be still and be at peace in the Presence of God.